The Suspects

PHD Modular Access RIP-OFF pensioners to build new Headquarters

The Offenders

PHD Modular Access buy Padd Farm in cahoots with Receiver at HALF it's market value!

Louise Brittain

Enforcement Receiver, Louise Brittain (pictured) sold Padd Farm at around HALF it’s value to Mr Daniel Francis Dwyer and Mrs Jane Teresa Dwyer directors of PHD Modular Access and minions Toby Holloway and John Walsh.

Leaving pensioners Mr & Mrs Beach and their disabled son homeless and penniless.

The Sting

The Receiver was directed by a Crown Court Judge to put Mr & Mrs Beach's property, Padd Farm, on the open market for maximum return.

However, Louise Brittain of Wilkins Kennedy Llp and Azets only managed to obtain offers of LESS than 50% of the property value.

PHD Modular Access are a scaffolding company based in Uxbridge who previously made an offer to purchase Padd Farm from the Receiver.

Louise Brittain admitted not actively marketing the property. Therefore, the directors of PHD Modular Access by definition are ‘friends’ of the Receiver.

According to Louise Brittain - from the many offers - PHD Modular Access made the 'Highest offer' to purchase Padd Farm which was 'HALF the property value'

A clear case of abuse of position and fraud by the Receiver and PHD Modular Access!